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Bye Bye Global Translator and Wow A Very Fast Site

While doing blog hopping today I have seen an interesting post made by Allen Gurrea of regarding an Instruction on How to Remove Global Translator , at first I was confused about the post.Why would Allen remove the plug-in that could possibly bring lots of traffic to his site as what was discussed before in other blogs which is also the reason why I have implemented this plug-in to Tech At Hand Dot Net , After further investigation I found out that there are some issues that has been discussed regarding this matter as discussed by Allen in his post about reasons of removing the plug-in.

Well Thanks Allen for the reminder. However I have made other solutions that might help you regarding this matter, I have not followed Allen’s suggestion regarding submitting the page in Google Webmaster for removing the whole cached google translated page.

The solution I have implemented is a 301 redirect for all folders of the translated page into it’s original post, I have added the following codes in my .htaccess files

redirectMatch 301 ^/folder name/(.+)$$1

Example :

redirectMatch 301 ^/ar/(.+)$$1

“ar” is the arabic folder that the cached page is using, The code above shows that if somebody tried to arrived at my site thru the translated cached page by Google they will be redirected to the original post.

It is about more than 6 mos ago when I tried to block some translated page like Tagalog translation thru robots.txt and after checking it today I cannot see any tagalog translated page in SERP, that only means that if we stop Google from crawling the page thru robots.txt in due time google will remove the page in the SERP. But while it is not being removed I will try to redirect the visitors in the English Page ( original ) to avoid any possible problem with Google or Google AdSense for using their translated page more than 15 days.

On the other side of the story when I read Marhgil Post about the Loading Time of my Homepage thru the recent announcement of Google, I have been reminded to check my site thru Pingdom just to find out that it loads at 19.09 seconds.

Which might be a reason of having high bounce rate of my blog. Did you see how it drops by removing the Global Translation Plug-in because I have implemented it wrong.

So I hope this experience might help you in a way in Search Engine Optimization. But sorry to inform that this is only applicable for WordPress Users

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