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Optimizing Wrong Spelling Keywords [ Free Downlaod | Googel ]

Did you know that there is really a Googel Site, Well that is why when you check Google Trends for Googel keywords the highest search came from Persia. So it is not a wrong spelling at all. Somebody in Persia might think that making a wrong spelling of Google will benefit them much. You can see this at their Disclaimer : | Copyright © 2007. All rights reserved. Logos by Google and third party designers.
With friendly permission by Google, Inc.

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So I can therefore conclude that in SEO Business, Wrong Spelling might give you some additional exposure. But you have to explain it to your readers.

It might give a wrong impression that your blog is a crop blog and that you don’t even know how to write a proper spelling. Informing your reader and explaining the reason why you’ve got a wrong spelling is I believe a fair post. Others might disagree, You may say freely your comments. Don’t worry I only delete offensive words and or spam blogs.. ” just the words..”.

Wrong Spelling Keywords gives good site exposure and there are lots of blogger that could attest to that. So to sum it up I am optimizing on some Wrong Spelling Keywords as follows :

Free Downlaod | Googel | Googke | Goog;e

This might be successful or This might be not. But I am doing this to test something else. I will just tell you the result after sometime. Let just have some concrete evidence 🙂

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