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Knowing Upcoming Events Can Increase Traffic and Money

Did the Title catch your attention. I know this post will give you a new idea so just continue reading.

Well as you know I made an e-book regarding earning from current events { Password = “SEOMONEY” } , but sad to say that not all bloggers knows what will happen in the future, Is it right ? Well what If I will tell you that it is possible to know the future events so that you can be prepared in your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )  tactics. I know  that lot’s of this blog reader are already well verse in Search Engine Optimization and since I am happy today after I found out that some of my keywords are already up in the SERP this Tip will really make your day.

If a blogger can get it into top of the SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page ) for a certain event it will surely bring money from clicks thru Ads and not to mention the traffic it will bring to a site.

So How will you know the future events?

Well it is really easy. You just have to use the Google Search and just type keywords such as [ Future Sports Events Wikipedia ] from there you can see Category:Future Sporting Events , you can change the keyword to [ Future Events Wikipedia ] well actually we can make the variety of keywords just add Events & Wikipedia since Wikipedia has a large number of events both future , past and present so Wikipedia is the best place to go for research.

Wikipedia can tell you variety of events in the future so it is only up to you to grab it if you have time.

Then after checking the events you just have to check thru Google Trends on what events you need to optimized and which events gives lots of traffic based on their succeeding season. Then you have to use the Freekeywords from to know the variety of keywords you may use to optimized your post. Well actually if you use SEO for Firefox Plugin you don’t have to go individually to Google Trends and Wordtracker because the mentioned Firefox Plugin has already links in the below portion of the search results.

Just to sum it all :

  1. Search for the Events
  2. Check for Traffic Opportunity
  3. Check for Different Keywords { Don’t just concentrate in one keywords – Be Imaginative and be like a searcher }
  4. Then Optimize the post using different tips you know.

I just hope this tip will help you to know on what event you may want to blog and get a ton of traffics. And as an additional tip those events have usually very little competition.

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