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Page Layout Algorithm Changes from Google

Page layout algorithm improvement - Inside Search

In a recent post from Google Inside search blog, they have informed the public that they are making an algorithm changes that will affect the Page Layout of the site. The change says that user experience is of high importance to Google and it will penalized those site that has lots of ads on it. The key point of the post is about user experience, what Google want to see is that whenever a user enter a certain site, user should see the article or content immediately and not the different ads that a site owner usually do.

We all know that those spot is the highly paid spot that gives us earnings. I have reduced some of the ads, just to comply with their latest change. But I am still looking for some ways on how I could change the layout. I believe that my homepage follows Google’s requirement. I just have to tweak the post page.

According to the post this change affect only 1% of the whole searches and this is only 1 out of 500 changes that they will be doing this year. We need to make our site in a way that it will give a great user experience.

I did some changes by moving my email opt-in form and one of my 468×60 banner below the post. I hope it will improve my site performance. Remember that following Google’s suggestion is one way to earn more from search engine visits.

Here is the post  : Page layout algorithm improvement

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