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WordPress Tips : Is it good to Use Excerpt

Well actually I have been using WordPress for about 6 mos but it is only yesterday I have researched what is a Post Excerpt. This feature is also available at my Windows Live Writer but I don’t care to use it for the simple reason that I don’t know how to use it and what is it’s use.

I just found out that the excerpt is great SEO Tool, since this is what will appear if incase somebody search your blog archives. If you do not use this before in the post editor’s optional excerpt field, the first 55 words of the post’s content are used by WordPress that leads to a duplicate content in the blog not unless you disallow crawler to indexed your archives like what I do by changing the robots.txt

The optional Post excerpt could be found at the lower part of your WordPress Write Dashboard. Juts press the ” + ” sign and add your excerpt in the box. And if you are using Windows Live Writer it can be seen by pressing ” F2 ” .

So to avoid duplicate content for archives I would suggest to use these excerpt feature of WordPress. You can write a 2 sentence telling the brief description of your post. So after about 386 post in the archives it is only now that I will implement this in my future blog post.

WordPress Excerpt should be eye catching that will give your reader an idea of what you are talking about. So are you using Post excerpt before ? any additional Tips ?

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