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Google Webmasters Tool Stop Checking My Sitemaps

I am just wondering why Google stops checking my Sitemaps, I mean all sitemaps that was enrolled in Google Webmaster Tools under my Account. The last Google Check in my sitemap was October 21 and the sudden Google Bomb was felt during October 23. Upon checking the Google Webmasterâ€s Tools, I have seen that Google stops downloading all my Sitemaps , Yup you heard it right all my sitemaps including my other site which is being monitored under my account. Now my question is ? Does including all my site under one Google Webmasterâ€s Account endangers my other site if one of those site is penalized ? If this is the case I should make a dummy account in all my site, but what about if you have 100 sites. It will be a head ache.

I try Googling this kind of problem but I was not that successful regarding this problem so I am writing about this to know some of your thoughts regarding this matter.

By the way I have send letter to Google today after removing all paid links in this site. Yup I will not do any Paid post links in this site from now on. And If there will be some Advertiser in the future that would like to Advertise on this site a no-follow link will be added. I hope this is clear. I want to retain the site traffic.

I am posting about this as a reference in the future, if in case Google will reconsider sending me visitors again.

Well on the other hand I was also amazed wit yahoo since visitors that it send me now double. For what ever reason well I donâ€t know.

See my Google Visitors last month

See my Yahoo Visitors last month

See my Visitors from referral last month

See my visitors from Direct Traffic

Among the shown stats only the visitors coming from Google is really affecting the siteâ€s traffic. I intentionally not put the numbers , I just want to show you the graph about this site.

Well nobody knows when will Google put back my traffic, all I know is I just complied with all their requirements. It is now up to them to do their part. If I succeed with the latest experiment that I am doing. I will surely share it to you, so that it will be a reminder to all of my readers so not to experience the same faith as I am.

Updates :

My sitemap now has been crawled again and the stats shos that it was crawled 15 hrs ago. That only means it was crawled automatically after I send a reinclusion request.. Is it ? Wait for further development :).. A nice start

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