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I am now using DreamHost Private Server

If you happen to visit my site yesterday, chances are you saw my site in error. It is because my site was attack by a certain yahoo bot. Well it is now being solved by blocking the bot IP address via .htaccess. ( Thanks to Dreamhost support for informing me , And this made me think to study how to use putty )

It’s been a long time since I am thinking of having a Dreamhost private server mainly because the traffic of my site is increasing. I actually have some communication with other bloggers having the Private server so that I will be able to know the amount I am going to pay monthly because of this.

Since I am afraid to pay big amount in each end of the cycle month I tried to research on how I can reduce my monthly memory usage and here are some of the things I find and have been implemented on my new DreamHost Private Server.

  1. Be sure to remove your plug-ins that is not being used.
  2. Upgrade to the latest stable version or WordPress if you are using WordPress.
  3. Be sure to have your image files protected so that it will be used by hot linkers. ( I block mine thru .htaccess )
  4. Don’t just add new plug-ins if you have not research well it’s history, because it might cause your bandwidth usage to jump up high.

So I believe it will be all for now. And I wish that there will be no downtimes in the future. I am thinking of redirecting some site with high traffic that is not converting into cash since it will just eat up my resources. Need to wait for some time before I will redirect those site to blogspot. I will let you know in the future.

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