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Recent Google Penalty

Well just want to inform you guys that today I was Penalized by Google. Why? Because I do not follow rules :). Well This is just a quick post before I go, I just want to be open to all my readers and followers. From PR4 I am now PR2. Anyway this will not change the content of my site. But I think it will affect the SEO of some of my keywords.

Anyway what I can do. But just a tip avoid doing paid linking at your existing post.

Direct advertisers are not a problem but putting links at your existing post just to earn some moolah is risky and that is what happen to me after 1 month they found it out and here I am.

This is my experiment site so anything might happen.

So better what out what will happen next because I will try to do some experimentation regarding this matter so it will not happen to your site also. To those who email me thanks for the concern.

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