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Tech At Hand is Expanding it’s Coverage to Saudi Tech Stuff

I have decided today to expand Tech At Handâ€s coverage to involve Saudi Tech Stuff, I have been staying in Saudi Arabia for almost 8 years and I have seen how Saudi Arabia is updated  when it comes to Technology and gadget. This might also open the possibility of receiving tech Gadgets for review here in Saudi Arabia, although at the moment I have not seen a solid Tech Blog written in English Language that covers Saudi Technology Market.

I also thought that we have lots of Filipinos working here in the Middle East and sometimes they want to get information about the tech gadget that their family is asking. It maybe about new phone, Laptop, Camera, MP3 gadgets and etc.

So I hope that this blog could also help my fellow OFW when it comes to Gadgets available in Saudi Arabia. All post regarding Saudi Technology will reside at Saudi Tech Stuff category that I will open today.   I thought of opening a new sub domain for this alone but I think some of our readers would also love to see updates in Saudi Technology Market. This may also be used to compare prices from Saudi to Philippines. 

You can also expect to see present cost of those gadget that I might see in Saudi Market. So I hope this will be beneficial for all of us.

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