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Wait for 2009 Year End Report of Tech At Hand Dot Net

Please be informed on the next few days I will be posting my Year End 2009 Report. I am thinking of having the following post :

  1. 2009 Earning Report , See my 2008 and 2007 report ( Updated with links )
  2. My Blogging Accomplishment ( See my 2008 Blogging Accomplishment )
  3. Tech At Hand Blog Statistics ( See my 2008 Blog Statistics ) ( Updated with links )

I have my drafts of my report but I would appreciate if you could give more ideas of what kind data do you want to see and let me know if I could include it in my report. Usually I don’t give figures in earning but i can make comparison 🙂 .

Actually the idea is to encourage others that really we can make money online. So let me have some ideas from my readers, if you don’t mind.

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