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We Are Now Using WordPress version 2.9 “Carmen”

I just want to inform you that we are now officially using WordPress 2.9 “Carmen” , I do have some WordPress 2.9 Issues regarding Simple Tag Plug In, but thanks to those in the forum they have manage to make the solution and here it is.

Source :

Edit the plugin via the editor interface, find this line (near the top):

if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false) {

and change it to

if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.9’) !== false ) {

Above mentioned solution work with me and i hope it will also work in you.

Here are the changes for this version.


  • Requires MySQL 4.1.2 or greater (old requirement was 4.0).

User Features

  • Trash status for posts, pages, and comments (includes restore and permanent delete)
  • Add support for ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ to  (Gallery Shortcode)
  • Allow user registration to be enabled by an XMLRPC client
  • Add support for sticky posts to the WXR exporter and importer
  • ‘rel=canonical’ for singular pages
  • Scroll back to the same location after saving a file in the Plugin and Theme editors
  • Correct comments and remove unnecessary echos from the default themes sidebar template file
  • Enable the APP (Atom) attachment file download to work correctly
  • Support location of category templates based on ‘category-slug’ as well as ‘category-id’ (Ticket 10614)
  • Support location of tag templates based on ‘tag-id’ as well as ‘tag-slug’ (Ticket 10868)
  • Support location of page templates based on ‘page-slug’ and ‘page-id’
  • Set “Allow my blog to appear in search engines” to checked in installation
  • Don’t offer to make a category its own parent
  • Remove Sphere from search list
  • Minify admin CSS
  • Show correct max upload filesize error message
  • Add ‘rel’ attribute to next/previous post links
  • Make the default and classic themes comment textareas valid XHTML
  • Clean up ‘.button’ and ‘.button[disabled]’ CSS classes, add ‘spinner’ and ‘gray-out’ buttons after clicking Publish or Update post
  • Fix race condition with autosave when clicking Publish immediately after entering post title
  • Add Comments for Pages in the WordPress Default theme
  • Define ‘$content_width’ for Kubrick
  • Better feedback on publishing of future posts and pages
  • Display comments in descending date order, consistently
  • Add means of automatically repairing tables
  • Press This bookmarklet fixes
  • Give plugins and themes simple control over the text displayed at the end of an autogenerated Excerpt
  • Don’t show “Change Permalinks” button when editing the page set as “Front page”
  • Image editing
  • Retire BunnyTags importer
  • Retire Jerome’s keywords importer
  • Explain that the permalink is temporary for autosave generated permalinks
  • Update SimplePie to 1.2
  • Eliminate the redundant and confusing comment threading depth of 1
  • Easier Embeds with oEmbed support (see Ticket #10337) (oEmbed discovery disabled by default, use plugin to enable it)
  • TinyMCE 3.2.7
  • Remove rel=’tag’ on links in Tag Clouds
  • Add a title to the Home link output by wp_page_menu()
  • Adjust comment moderation keyboard shortcut keys ‘d = trash’ or delete depending on the screen
  • Show “Draft updated” instead of “Post updated” when saving draft
  • Show the login form in a popup when autosave hits the login grace period
  • Open View/Preview post in a new window from the link in the Saved/Updated message
  • Separate fields for ‘image alt’ and ‘image caption’ in Media uploader
  • Display better information about broken themes when there is no stylesheet
  • Improve situation when tables such as wp_options table were ‘corrupt’ new installation message was offered. Add means of automatically repairing tables
  • Export and import custom taxonomies
  • Admin copy improvements
  • Don’t show page templates in the drop down if they are in a subdirectory

Development, Themes, Plugins

  • Added ‘excerpt_more’ filter to wp_trim_excerpt() function, which allow developers to change excerpt ‘[…]’ more string (Ticket 10395)
  • Add ‘smilies_src’ filter so plugins can better add smilies
  • Canonical redirects for post name queries
  • Allow _wp_get_comment_list() to handle custom comment types
  • Return an empty array instead of false for get_children() when no children found
  • Add some filters so that HTTP requests can be filtered
  • Move plugin update notice output to the plugin specific hook
  • Limit wp-mail ‘blog by email’ checks to every 5 minutes
  • Make it much easier to filter contact methods from user profiles
  • Allow filtering of get_edit_post_link for custom post_type
  • ‘get_sample_permalink_html’ filter
  • Enforce activation key to be a string, reject activation keys that are arrays
  • Support for new post types
  • Respect custom post_type in queries
  • Send Retry-After header when in maintenance mode
  • Various WP Filesystem related fixes and documentation
  • Add constants for ftp connections timeouts
  • Increase timeout on cron-based requests when checking for upgrades
  • Don’t use has_action() before do_action() in http.php
  • Speed up jQuery based scripts
  • Use the current user as author for autosave
  • Show My Posts as default view on the Edit Posts screen for users without ‘edit_others_posts’ cap
  • Ensure that drafts viewed over XMLRPC have a correct gmt date set
  • Pass user id to ‘get_’ the_author_meta filters
  • Move _wp_get_user_contactmethods() into the registrations functions file
  • Machine parseable db error codes
  • Add global JS vars and actions to the media uploader iframe
  • Add JSON compat for PHP < 5.2
  • Make option_name the primary key for the options table
  • Allow a plugin to do a complete takeover of Post by Email
  • Logarithmic scale for tag cloud
  • Pass Post ID to the ‘get_comments_number’ filter
  • Always filter the url in the media upload form
  • Add a ‘the_terms’ filter
  • is_blog_installed() improvements
  • Allow force_ssl_admin() to properly accept false as a value
  • Pass logged_in cookie to async-upload and filter the cookie scheme in auth_redirect()
  • Add more actions around database add/delete/update operations
  • phpDoc for wp_”check|set”_post_lock functions
  • Use the old strings which are more translator friendly and add a generic default string to aid re-use by plugins adding post_types
  • Filter fields through kses upon display and introduce sanitize_user_object() and sanitize_user_field()
  • Use null instead of 0 when setting content length
  • Include ‘hidden’ directories in filesystem dirlist by default
  • Pass args array to ‘wp_list_pages’ filter
  • Actions for taxonomy updates
  • Key should be ‘comment_id’ not ‘post_id’ in comments table
  • Add get_delete_post_link () to retrieve delete posts link for post
  • Add ‘separator’ parameter to wp_tag_cloud() and wp_generate_tag_cloud() functions (Ticket 10315)
  • Added add_comment_meta() family of functions
  • Use a post_parent of 0 instead of -1 to indicate unattached posts
  • Improve get_page_hierarchy() function
  • Deprecate the_content_rss(), add the_content_feed() and get_the_content_feed(). Convert places that called the_content_rss() with an excerpt length to the_excerpt_rss(). Remove the rss_excerpt_length option. Use the_content_feed() where the_content() was previously used in feeds.
  • Add ‘pad_counts’ argument to wp_dropdown_categories()
  • Remove codepress
  • Remove the php-gettext library
  • Canonical post thumbanils
  • Add a filter to the_author_posts_link()
  • Merge post.js with page.js and slug.js, optimize categories and tags JS, standardize postboxes IDs and JS
  • Introduce register_theme_directory() which takes a wp-content-relative path and will additionally scan it for themes. Plugins can use this to add themes without requiring copying by the user
  • Add set_user_role action hook
  • Allow theme devs to change attrs (like CSS class) of thumbnail images
  • Add wp-post-image CSS class to post images
  • Allow for plugins to enhance the number of metadata fields captured from plugin and theme headers
  • Merge updated pomo code
  • Switch to using NOOP_Translations for untranslated sites
  • Improve wptexturize performance
  • Provide context to the strings in the Plugin and Theme installers to allow for different grammatical gender
  • Fixes for theme subdir support
  • Introduce wp_kses_post() and wp_kses_data() for filtering unescaped data
  • Add ‘orderby=comment_count’ argument to query_posts()
  • Honor Post Type for Sticky Posts
  • Allow querying multiple post types
  • Introduce add_theme_support(feature) and current_theme_supports(feature) for announcing and checking theme support for various features
  • Introduce require_if_theme_supports()
  • Add number of Embed related filters
  • Add ‘IMAGE_EDIT_OVERWRITE’ constant to control edited image save or replace, most useful for setups that have dynamic image resizing
  • Add load_child_theme_textdomain() to allow child themes to have their own translation files
  • Add sidebar descriptions to sidebar settings and widget admin screen
  • Make option_id primary. Add uniques for option_name and autoload
  • Allow plugins to override the behaviour of load_textdomain() in a variety of flexible ways
  • Mark _c() as deprecated. The new _x() function should be used instead.
  • Allow plugins to change the redirect on post/page publishing/submitting
  • Standardize on ‘user_id’ instead of ‘user_ID’ when passing comment data. Accept either ‘user_id’ or ‘user_ID’. Remove ‘user_id’ global.
  • Filter imported comments

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Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.9? Did you come across any issues with it? Do let me know through your comments.

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