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Do You Use your Social Media Sites to Increase Your Brand ?

I would like to ask readers if they are using the social media sites properly forbranding purpose ?, I have seen Facebook accounts with lots of updates about their grudges with their neighbor or co-worker. Social Media Sites users should know that any updates in their social media sites might be stored in Google cache. and any updates that could lead to bad reputation will not be good for their online brand. Social Media users might not feel the effect at this moment, but for sure it will hunt them in future.

Who knows, time will come that an investors will have to search in Google or in Facebook , a partner’s name before dealing with any transaction. Of course if reputation is bad, possible investors will not risk their investment. Same thing goes with an employer, who could  checks applicant’s background anytime. Social Media sites , can give an impression about the applicant.

So be careful on what you say online. This might be something that will back fire later on. Just a friendly reminder.

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