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Connect to Internet Via Globe Philippines PowerSurf

Globe Philippines have introduced two option in mobile surfing the net at users disposal, it could be by data consumption or unlimited consumption. On this post we will discuss the Power Surf, where a globe user can get the internet connection for a specified time at certain data usage

PowerSurf is the newest offer from Globe Philippines user, basically it will let you surf the internet until a certain allocated MB is consumed, below is the choices that a Globe Philippine Postpaid Users could have the following option.

and this one is for the Globe Philippines Prepaid Users,

However, users must keep up P1 (PowerSurf15) or P5 (PowerSurf30 and PowerSurf50)

All Globe Prepaid and Globe Tattoo Prepaid mobile and Broadband subscribers can avail of this promo. This promo is now available through text registration only. Please be informed that if you are enrolled with Power Surf, You will not be able to enroll at Super Surf ( Unlimited Internet Access ). Users will need to stop their subscription to PowerSurf by texting POWERSURFSTOP to 8888, i.e. POWERSURF STOP, before registering to SuperSurf.

User might be able to check if the service is active by sending text POWERSURFSTATUS to 8888.

Proper GPRS Setting is needed so that Globe Power Surf will work. To get the latest settings, just text GO HANDSET MODEL,,1234 to 2951. For example, GO N70,,1234. You will receive a text message containing all GPRS and internet settings. Make sure to save all these in your phone.

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