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ICANN Sued By Major Adult Sites

ICANN, the non-profit group that oversees and manages domain name such as .com, .net and other TLD’s, is being sued by major adult site companies over the newest TLD – .XXX. The people behind Xtube, PornHub, YouPort, and top adult player Digital Playground filed a lawsuit against ICANN claiming that ICANN is creating a monopoly out of the adult industry.

The .xxx domain name launched and was offered to adult webmasters March of this year. Pre-registration is required before claiming a domain. GoDaddy, the most popular domain name registrant, is charging an exorbitant fee of $209.99 for porn purveyors with domain renewals priced at an excessive price of $99.99. A standard .com domain name is priced at only about $11.99. With these very high charges, adult website owners decide to file the claim to get an injunction to the ongoing .xxx registrations.

The lawsuit was filed November 16 at the US District Court of California. The controversial TLD has had a lot of protests from the educational groups and other concerned citizens. With ICANN being sued, and if the big adult players do win in this game, it could cause a great effect on the TLD system and how it should be run.

Big commercial companies and educational institutions are paying steep prices to pay off their .xxx domain and block anyone from buying their xxx-equivalent website names to protect their reputation. Pepsi and Yale already did the first step and bought out and

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