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Unboxing Western Digital (WD) My Book Essential External Hard Drive

My readers will know that I own a Canon EOS 400D SLR camera and as time goes by my collection of pictures is increasing and the need for external disk storage is a must. and so I decided to get a 1 TB , external hard disk capacity.

Here are some of the unboxing pictures of my Western Digital (WD) My Book Essential External Hard Drive.


The machine includes a WD Smartware software that will back up your whole computer and categorize all your content into System Files,Music,Movies,Photos,documents,Email and other automatically . At first I tried to use it, but I found it very slow. I don’t know what is the reason, and so what I did is to make a new folder on the drive and transfer the file manually. And my whole picture archive has been transferred without a problem.

The socket plug comes into 2 types, so it can be used in any types of socket outlet in your eliminates the use of more adaptor.

The whole drive could also be protected with password.

The capacity of the this External Hard Drive is 1 TB, but I believe the safest capacity we can use is up to 800 MB only. It is suggested to keep some free space in your hard disk. There are also lots of downloaded movies in my computer so I really need to have an extra space. That will be my first impression with this machine. And more reviews to be provided perhaps after 1 month of use.

Cost @ SAR 479 ( Php 5,900 ) @ Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia

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