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A New Style of Spam Mail at my Outlook

Today I just received spam mail thru my Outlook Mail box that look as shown below. For information I did not try to enroll in any of this sites.

New Member,

We are so happy you joined Entertaining Pros.

Confirmation Number: 91539133
Temorary Login: user4089
Your Password ID: ce630

Be Secure. Change your Login ID and Password.

Use this link to change your Login info:

Thank You,
Technical Services
Entertaining Pros

How did I noticed that this is a spam?

  1. This is a spam since you are directed into a Http address with only numbers.
  2. I did not join any site which would give me any Login name as a new member.
  3. The put My name as New Member. If they are legitimate they will always address you as per your enrolled name.
  4. Even the “Temorary Login” has wrong spelling. I believe that this simple things is being addressed by the legitimate group.

Do you have any experience of new type of spam in your mail.

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