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Converting Internet Blogs into a Mobile Blog Site

Yuga had made a question into his blog ” Is your blog .mobi ready? ” and gave some suggestion and Pluggins for WordPress and Typepad but was not able to provide for Blogger Platform.

My suggestion is to use the service of where in your feeds will be converted into a mobile ready blog. It is a site which will convert a blog to a mobile blog.

You are allowed to make a 5 free site. I have made an address for this blogsite that could be accessed on your mobile phone ( ) the only difference is that this site address will not be the same as your original blog domain address. And the advantage will be less KB to download since it will only show the text portion of the blog.

Below is the details found in their site:

Winksite makes it easy to publish mobile Internet sites and build simple mobile connections via mobile phones. At Winksite you can:

» Create a mobile web site & profile.

» Mobilize your Blog, Twitter, Jaiku, & Upcoming feeds.

» Activate mobile-tuned features like chat, forums, & surveys.

» Join mobile communities, connect with friends, or meet new people.

You may create a free winksite account here. What about you, Do you have any suggestion?

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