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How to Hide Friend List in Facebook

Why would you hide your friend list in facebook ? Simple to protect your friends from spammers that could get their details and gain from them thru black hat methods, So here is a simple instruction on how to hide your friend list in facebook.

How to Hide Friend List

1. Proceed to privacy setting by pressing the account at the upper right corner of your face book page. Press Privacy Settings as shown below

2. Change your “view settings” , this can be seen at the upper part of the page after pressing the account >> privacy Settings as shown below

3. After pressing the “ View Settings “ a page will be shown with the following choices : ( You can set each item at your preferred settings )

4. You can set your “ See my Friend List “ to “ Only Me “ by pressing Custom settings.To protect your friends facebook you could also set your friend list visible only to you by pressing the button on the right side and choosing custom. Usually spammers can get your friends by seeing your friend list. this are the options where you can change your visibility in facebook.

Here is the screen capture :

5. As an added security measures you can set your “Sharing on Facebook” to Friends Only. so that your pictures and Wall Updates cannot be seen by unauthorized people to view your account.

We will post some more security tips for facebook in future. but the above mentioned tips will help you not to disclose information to those unwanted internet spammers. Social Media is great to network to others but it is also the fastest way to get information for any person if it is not properly guarded. It is not bad to socialized but be very careful.

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