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Nissan’s Land Glider

 Nissan's Land Glider   

This looks interesting. Nissan will be showing off a new zero-emission concept called the Land Glider. The Nissan’s Land Glider is fully electric. The Land Glider sits front and center behind a futuristic instrument cluster and a steering wheel that looks like twin joysticks. The steering operations are computer controlled through a drive-by-wire arrangement, therefore, there is no direct connection between the steering wheel and the car’s four contact patches.

This vehicle is best for urban areas where traffic is very much felt especially in the Philippines. The Land Glider is like a motorcycle because it leans into turns like a motorcycle as what you can see in the picture above. It is easier for you to find a place where you can park this vehicle because of its very narrow width. It looks very comfortable to use this vehicle and safer than riding a motorcycle.

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