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Tech At Hand to Visit Laoag and Vigan

Yes you read it right, Me and my family will have our first ever family trip in the north. We will visit Laoag and Vigan starting today afternoon via Cebu Pacific. We will stay in Laoag for 2 days and 1 night in Vigan, So after our trip you will see pictures and Hotel review where we are going to stay to help future travelers seeking for information. Every member of my family is excited with our trip . It is also my first time to ride at Cebu Pacific, and I hope to have a great trip and not to experience any baggage lost :). Here is the map of Vigan from Google Maps.

View Laoag in a larger map

I hope to have a great trip to Laoag and Vigan. This is our next travel after our vacation in Batangas. So any suggestion to visit in Vigan and Laoag, I have some location based on my internet and friend research, you might add some great place where you find it great to visit in laoag. It will also be great if you can suggest something in our Travel.

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