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Blog Layout Changes Better Navigation

I have added the features of WordPress tag in my blog.You can now see at the bottom portion of my post the tag that I use in the post. I love WordPress because I can put information that I need for my blog to have a very good navigation.

My Search Engine referral is increasing day by day, either from Yahoo and Google. This gives me to think on how I could help visitors to have a better navigation in my blog. It gives me an idea to include the tag links that I use in each of my post.

I actually get the PHP code from WordPress Codex and since I am familiar with the template already I easily get the exact location where I would like the tags to appear.

I just follow the code provided as follows and insert to my preferred location :

Separated by a Bullet

Displays links to tags with a bullet (•) separating the tags and preceded with the text Tagged with: and followed by a line break.

<?php the_tags('Tagged with: ',' • ','<br />'); ?>

After I have successfully implemented the Tag links in my post page , the below screen shot shows the tags that I used for the post. Although I don’t put tags on my previous post before the release of WordPress 2.3.2, I will now start putting this tags in all my future post.

So if your template does not support the tag you may want to try tweaking using this code.

You might ask what is the importance of Tag ? And how I can easily put the WordPress Tags without login to my WordPress Dashboard? Well I am preparing a post regarding that matter. 🙂

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