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Do You Still Have Admin User ?

Well I have read it somewhere that retaining Admin user in your WordPress Blogs increase the chance of your blog being Hacked, since most of the hackers will try to use the admin username and just make a random of your password.

So just a reminder change it now or suffer later.

You can actually make a new username with administrator power and then later delete the admin user.

You have also to transfer the post to the new user and not delete it with the user. Again transfer the post and not to delete it. When you are about to delete your Admin User you will be asked if you want to delete the post or associate it with other user. So you just have to associate it with other user.

Always make a very hard password preferably with numbers to protect your Blogs.


Steps :

  1. Make A New user and make it as an Administrator of the blog.
  2. Log out and click Tool >> Clear Private Date .. ( This is to clear the cache )
  3. Log in with your new username
  4. Delete the Admin user name and be sure to attribute all post and links to your new username ..
  5. or you can set the admin to subscriber so he cannot do anything about your blog. It is still up to you.

Hopes this helps you to protect you blog from hackers.

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