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WordPress Plug-ins : Off Topic Post Off the Front Page

There are some instances that you may want to post on your blogs which are really off topic. And of course if it is an off topic you don’t want to annoy your constant visitor visiting your blog because they love the niche that you are writing.

This might happen if there are times that you are working on some experiments to increase your visitors thru search engine. In this blogs case i made a category named ” OFFTOPIC “.

Sometimes you are doing this for an experiment to attract more visitors from search engine.

And so your problem is solved, because there is a plug in for WordPress that hides your off topic post from the front page. The plug-ins could be found here

I got this idea from .

*****Update : I am now using the exclude category from Advanced Category Excluder.

Another update : I have again change my plug-in to be By Kates Gasis | Visit plugin site , What I like for that plugin is it’s ability to have a sideblog widget that I can put at my sidebar.

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