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WordPress Plug-ins : Related Post

In a comment made by Derek at my post asking where did I get my Related Post Plug-ins , I would like to respond it thru this post so that I can explain and thanks the writer as well.

The Related Plug-in Post is called Aizatto’s Related Posts it returns a list of the related entries based on active/passive keyword matches. Inspired by Related Posts  By  Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz.

It can give you the following options, which I believed is very good specially it can post the excerpt of the related post. In which you cannot see in other related plug-Ins. Below are the options you could make.

How many related posts would you like to show?:

Limit number of words in Title:

Show excerpt?

Number of excerpts to show

Excerpt length (No. of characters):

Show only on the post’s page?

Show related posts on pages?

Show in RSS feeds?

Show posts that were posted after the main post was posted ?

Automatically Insert  ?

And if your are adept in CSS you can even change the CSS. Below is the snap shot on what you can see at the footer of your post page.

How this Help You gain more reader?

By this kind of plug-in you re giving your reader a glimpse on what you have posted in the past or present. The trick is your first sentence should always be catchy so that when somebody read it in the related post it may get their attention and click it.

So that’s it.. I think it works since as per my Google Analytics, I have an average of 2.5 Page per Visit, Which good at this stage.

I am running a WordPress 2.2 version and I have not yet tested this in WordPress 2.3 ” Dexter”. The reality is I am new to WordPress and I am still learning it.

In conclusion I am very much satisfied with the result of this Plug-ins and so a big Thanks to the Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz.

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