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I Have Enabled the CommentLuv Plugin For This Site

I just want to shout out the I have enable the CommentLuv Plugin by Andy Bailey for this site. This is a move to increase my commenter. With this plug-in my commenter would be able to advertise their latest post in their blogs.

And here are the other blogs which also supports Comment Love but I don’t know if they are using the same plug in.

Allen : Joan : Ambo : Karlo : sylv3rblade : Conrad : Jaren : Babyface : Dexter

Updated List : 09 March 2008 ( You can copy and paste at your own blog )

So comment and let other knows that you also support this Comment Love and also for me to know.

Update : 08 May 2008 – See other blogs who supports this Comment Luv from Go Blog


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