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I Have Enabled the CommentLuv Plugin For This Site

Mar 4, 2008 by     39 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Wordpress

CommentLuv, Comment Love

I just want to shout out the I have enable the CommentLuv Plugin by Andy Bailey for this site. This is a move to increase my commenter. With this plug-in my commenter would be able to advertise their latest post in their blogs.

And here are the other blogs which also supports Comment Love but I don’t know if they are using the same plug in.

Allen : Joan : Ambo : Karlo : sylv3rblade : Conrad : Jaren : Babyface : Dexter

Updated List : 09 March 2008 ( You can copy and paste at your own blog )

So comment and let other knows that you also support this Comment Love and also for me to know.

Update : 08 May 2008 – See other blogs who supports this Comment Luv from Go Blog


39 Comments + Add Comment

  • I have heard that commentluv was amazing plug ins, hope there is also plugin like this at blogspot.

  • I use keywordluv, Commentluv, and sport a Do-follow plugin. I feel it’s a good trade-off for the interaction!

    • @Jerry Cash,

      Having those kind of plugin is great. But I have some issues with my template that is why I opt to remove it for the mean time in this blog. But decided to continue the use of comment o=plug in my other blog

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  • Thanks for the plug Dex. I only wish we have the commentluv plug-in for blogger so I can put one of my own.

    Javi’s last blog post..Introduction: Blogging For Beginners

  • Nakita ko lang yung magandang ma ilink dito 🙂

    Dexter’s last blog post..Bloggers Beware? or be Jailed ?

  • wow.. updated… hehehe Dex… sipag mo…

    Jaren’s last blog post..My Current Gaming Addiction : Special Force Online

  • @ lefty

    thanks for informing.. It is really buggy for internet explorer lower version. and since i am not the one who made this template.. I don’t know how to fix 🙁

    Dexter’s last blog post..Now Blogging Again in Saudi Arabia

  • your blog is buggy in Internet Explorer, the sidebar is under the posts

    lefty’s last blog post..Solar Panel Review

  • how to be with spammers? they will post more and more spam comment…

    Alexnjoy’s last blog post..How to set up Google Analytics on Blogger blog

  • I do not get much comments on my blog,but now with commentluv i am expecting a change.

    Junior’s last blog post..Why Sell Information Online?

  • i need a host company in the US can anyone recommend a reliable one, atleast one that hardly recieves any down time?

  • @ Anton

    It is good that you see the advantage also.. Happy Blogging

    Dexter’s last blog post..Alexa Changes it’s Ranking System

  • It is such a nifty tool! will add it to my site!

    Anton’s last blog post..The Top 32 Must See Places to photograph in the Philippines

  • @ Jed

    Glad to hear that from you. Happy Blogging

    Dexter’s last blog post..Feed Links Reinstated

  • i love this plugin a lot.

    Jed’s last blog post..Wah Tulisan Gue Ada di LintasBerita.Com

  • @ Jagdu

    Upon installing this plug in I have seen some conversation in this blog.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Manila Ocean Park Location Map And Details

  • I think commentluv is a great plugin. Not only does it help with adding extra content to your site, but it increases dialog and return visitors.

    Jagdu’s last blog post..Buy a New Car in Fresno

  • […] the success of my Comment Luv installation, I have seen some changes from my comment ,they actually increase and encourage more […]

  • @ Elliott Russell

    Well I have not increase the spam comment.. It is still being handled well by Akismet.. But One thing is for sure.. I increased my commenter 🙂

    This also helps me to find out their latest post. and if I find it interesting I also do the same at their blog.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Site Changes & Development with New WordPress Plug-Ins & Twitter

  • Do you find you are getting more spam comments? Im not sure I will add this plugin just because of that :S

    Elliott Russell’s last blog post..Challenge: Drink Only What is Free

  • @ Allen,

    Yup that is why I have made a link at your site at my main post. I would like to direct my readers to those who support this kind of plug-in for better community relation :),. I will update those list soon..

    Dexter’s last blog post..Stop Using FeedBurner Plug in if You Love Comment Luv , Why ?

  • I’m using the same plug-in dex. ^_^

    Allen’s last blog post..WordPress Redirection Plugin – What it can do for your blog

  • […] all readers and constant visitors of this site, most of you know that I have installed a comment luv plug in and there has been a positive result to all my commenter. there is an increase in comments and […]

  • @ Babyface,

    Kala ko si James ka ha ha ha , Anyway i will update my list soon .. I am just waiting other to shout otu.

    @ Amy,

    Join na.. 🙂

  • Wow… parang gusto ko din ng plug in na yan….

    Amy’s last blog post..My First Adsense Payment: Received!

  • also activated commentluv on my site… testing na rin…ehehe…

    pinoy money talk’s last blog post..By: Pinoy Money Talk

  • @ Glenn

    Ha ha ha . I think it benefits bot of us.. Kasi Immidiate nakikita ko agad yung mga latest post.. 🙂

    Dexter’s last blog post..Beware : Blogspot is Marking Some Site as ” potential spam blog “

  • ang sarap na mag comment sa blog mo ngayon hehe

    Glenn’s last blog post..How to increase your Technorati Authority

  • @ michael,

    Thanks for the visit. I will keep the good work as long as there are commenters that are willing to communicate in this blog

    Dexter’s last blog post..Beware : Blogspot is Marking Some Site as ” potential spam blog “

  • @ Jaren,

    good to know that Jaren I will update my list and include your site.. Chow 🙂

    Dexter’s last blog post..Beware : Blogspot is Marking Some Site as ” potential spam blog “

  • anyways.. Hi Dex..

    I have that comment plugin activated on my site too.. 🙂

    Jaren’s last blog post..Moving in for the “Kill”

  • Hi Dexter,

    Michael from Germany here.

    I simply love CommentLuv.

    Keep the good work up …*-)


    Michael’s last blog post..Full or Partial Feeds? Or Headlines only?

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