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Google Sheets Replacing My Microsoft Excel Use

Google Sheets Replacing My Microsoft Excel Use

In this days that most of people are using Tablets and prefers mobility, people are looking ways to improve their workflow. I myself is transitioning from using Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets . I can say that it is a Microsoft Excel + Microsoft Access in One. I can make calculations as well as database reference through the query function.

The Google Form which collects information from any people to collaborate is also a great tool to get information to a large number of people. Another thing is it is free to use as long as you have Gmail.

Interlinking different Google Sheets is also possible. Kudos to Google Sheets.

I also love the Pivot function which is easier to set up than the Microsoft Excel Pivot Table.

I am excited to know the future updates of this platform. By the way a rarely use add-ons. I prefer doing it by my own.

Next thing to do is to learn programming within this platform. Just reminding myself.

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