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Help in Uploading my SQL Database

I am happy to inform that I am now back to Blogging World, After my site had problem due to hosting issues, I am now back online. There is some other things I need to fixed in this blog. I need to learn SSH in order to put back some of my database, Anybody can help. It will be great if you could make a post in Type of Instruction and I can link back to you and will be better as future reference of other bloggers.

I have about 26,000+ Kb SQL Files and I am not successful in putting it back where it belong. So I think You know what is my problem. Anybody care to help.

BTW sorry to inform you that all comments from July 17,2008 until today was not properly back up. But if I can resolve issue about my database there will still be a chance to put it back.

I am hosted now at DreamHost.

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