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Help in Uploading my SQL Database

Jul 26, 2008 by     17 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates

I am happy to inform that I am now back to Blogging World, After my site had problem due to hosting issues, I am now back online. There is some other things I need to fixed in this blog. I need to learn SSH in order to put back some of my database, Anybody can help. It will be great if you could make a post in Type of Instruction and I can link back to you and will be better as future reference of other bloggers.

I have about 26,000+ Kb SQL Files and I am not successful in putting it back where it belong. So I think You know what is my problem. Anybody care to help.

BTW sorry to inform you that all comments from July 17,2008 until today was not properly back up. But if I can resolve issue about my database there will still be a chance to put it back.

I am hosted now at DreamHost.

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  • Webhosting uptime is very important for me. So if you have to get a good hosting, get the best uptime server, I think dreamhost can provide maximum uptime, 99.99%. But of course you have to pay more. 😛

  • @ Bob Reyes

    Thanks for the link well actually as Already download it before but I cannot connect maybe I have research more on how to use it..

  • You may use Putty SSH to run bash scripts and manage your site thru the command line: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

  • cont…
    in assumption that you are using linux and PHPmyadmin is available in your Cpanel


    Amys last blog post..WordCamp Philippines 2008

  • yung back up mo ba SQL file?
    usually kasi, I use PHPMyAdmin and use the Import facility

    Basically, all you have to do is to specify the sql file and click [Go]
    everything will then be imported to your new database…

    I am not sure though if it will work on very large source file…

    Amys last blog post..WordCamp Philippines 2008

  • nawala yung mahabang reply ko 🙁 test lang muna

    Amys last blog post..WordCamp Philippines 2008

  • @ Blogger

    Ooopsss scary…

  • WAH! DreamHost is the worst hosting company in the universe. I heard many reports and complaints on DH against their clients about content issues and I think you’re one of the victim now.

  • @ sylv3rblade

    Plugin ba yang Bigdump ? Php kasi I am now studying it.. I will do it after Office hour

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  • SSH 101 for dreamhost

    For large SQL dumps..

    1. Download BigDump and configure with the necessary details (username and pass for your new host)

    2. Upload the exported SQL file (AKA as dump) from to your new host.

    3. Run Bigdump

    If you exported your database without specifying the DROP TABLE option, you have to manually drop (delete) all tables on your current database before you BigDump can import it.

    Hope that helps.

  • Dreamhost ka na? Dapat hostgator na lng. hehe What’s the problem?

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