How to Sync and Transfer Apps from iPad 2 To New Computer

How to Sync and Transfer Apps from iPad 2 To New Computer

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It took me some time to sync my iPad 2 to a new computer. I just decided to sync my iPad 2 to my office computer since most of the time I am in the office. My iPad was previously synced to my home computer.

I normally sync the iPad after having new purchases and if I download new e-book.

So my problem before syncing was, “how to transfer my application and files from my iPad 2 to a newly installed iTunes in my office computer?”. Upon pressing sync, iTunes tells me that it will erase all the application in my iPad 2 and install any application from my newly installed iTunes. (It is obvious, that there is no application at all, since it is a new installation). At first I assume that the flow of data in iTunes is only one way which is from computer to iPad only. How did I managed to transfer the files from iPad 2 to my newly installed iTunes? Below is the process on How I did it :

  1. Install the latest iTunes in your new computer.
  2. Connect your iPad 2 to your computer via USB.
  3. Press “File” then “Transfer Purchase form iPad” – It will transfer all your purchase application both free and paid apps from your iPad to your newly installed iTunes.
  4. Then press the application and press sync
  5. iTunes will not automatically tick all the installed application. So you have to do it manually.
  6. Then Choose whatever application you still want to install. This will be the same procedure for the purchased and installed e-book in iBook.

if you happen to press “sync” before transferring the purchased application from your iPad, you may still go to “iTunes Store”, sign-in and  then press “Purchased Application”. The windows will show you the paid or free applications that you have downloaded before.  Then you can just download the application that you want and then sync it to the iPad. You can now follow the instruction above starting on item # 4.

Now I can upload Pdf files using PDF Reader Pro Edition using my office computer. I use to transfer files using drop box while I am outside my home..

For information I am using iOs 5, iTunes and a Windows 7 PC. I don’t know if this will be the same procedure with other version. I took me some time to figure on how to do it. This instruction might help iPad owner in the future. iPad is only allowed to be synced in 1 computer.

If you have any other solution let me know.

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