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Just want to share you guys about some tips regarding file storage in the net that you may need to share files with your friends or family. I think one of the solution is

You may also upload pics,documents and mp3. You may have 1 GB free download and upload per month. below is some details from their site,

Web-based file storage — so easy to use, it eliminates the need to use FTP.

  • You can store your photos, music files, video clips, documents and any type of files online;
  • You can access the files through a web browser from anywhere, anytime.
  • DriveHQ offers great web-based tool for managing your files and folders; moreover, you can use Windows Explorer to manage your files, provided you download DriveHQ Uploader.

Sharing files with your friends anywhere, anytime

  • You can create shared folders and files on DriveHQ; you have full control to assign different permissions to different users and different files/folders;
  • Your friends can access the files through a web browser or Windows Explorer.

Enhanced multimedia support

  • You can create a photo folder (or album); you can also set background image and music for a folder;
  • DriveHQ offers Basic Photo Editing and Special Effects functions. Upload your photos, and visit the “Show File” page; it automatically detects the photo type and allows you to do basic photo editing and advanced special effects online;
  • To speed up performance, all images other than JPG and GIF format are automatically converted into JPG format, this reduces the storage size and download time significantly.

Content and Website Publishing

  • You can publish your files on If you have created your own photos, music, video clips, novels, humors or software code, publish here so everybody can see them;
  • You can also publish your own websites; no domain registration, no hassle, just upload your files and activate your Homepage on

Free Web-based Messaging

  • You get a free email account when you sign up;
  • You can create your online address book and addresses can be grouped into Contact Groups.
  • Each Contact Group can have its own private BBS

So why don’t you give a try to sign up . You may need this site in the future.

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    Yes, I have used DriveHQ service for a few years. DriveHQ does have one of the best client software, if not the best. We really like DriveHQ FileManager client software. It looks just like an FTP client, but it got a lot more features for group collaboration and folder synchronization.

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