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CES 2010 | Dell Alienware M11X Is Their First Ultraportable Gaming Netbook

Jan 8, 2010 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Gadget, Tech Stuff

Dell is claiming that they have introduced the first ever “ultra mobile gaming laptop” or I can say gaming netbook. Dell Alienware M11X Is Their First Ultraportable Gaming Netbook, and we all know that when we talk about alienware it must be good for gaming. so here is the specification of  Dell Alienware M11X :

  • 6 1/2 hours of battery life (battery mode)
  • 2 hours of “intense gaming”
  • that gaming mode will come courtesy of a faster NVIDIA GPU, which you can switch to in seconds and which does not require a restart or logging out
  • Video out via DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA
  • 3D mark scores in 6-7k range
  • 50FPS Crysis, 30FPS Call of Duty on High Settings
  • Under $1000 (later this year)

It’s specification might be far from previous alienware that we have featured here before. when Dell unveil the new alienware gaming laptop. but the size matter.

The Alienware M11x, the most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop in the universe — as easy to carry as it is powerful, making high-performance gaming accessible to all. source

On the graphics front, it boasts of an integrated graphics chip when you’re not gaming and switches to an Nvidia GT335M card when you switch to gaming mode. The M11x is expected to ship later this year. The M11x is known to have attain 50fps in Crysis and has scores between 6000 to 7000 in 3D Mark, according to Gizmodo.

But in my opinion a gamer loves to play with big screen, and if a gamer will invest in something that he wants to use , he will definitely go for a bigger screen and not as small as 11″, I believe that Netbook should be used by moving people or those people always on the go, and not by gamers. But of course that is my opinion. So what do you think, Will this hit the gamers ?

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  • I think imho bigscreen doesn’t belong outdoor i don’t want to carry 15 to 19″ laptop. Small but terrible is the one for me after all you have the HDMI.

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