Conduit Concept Mobile Phone

 Conduit Concept Mobile Phone Conduit Concept Mobile Phone

Different Kinds of cellphones are now coming out. But I cannot say when this Conduit  Concept Mobile Phone will be available in the market. This mobile can be collapsed into a pocket-friendly form or expanded into a bona fide video phone.

Conduit concept-phone is designed by Tirshathah Hunter for SKY/Pantech of Korea, is one fashion-product, a mobile workstation and a phone at the same time. What makes it different? 

  1. Its winding stretchy display. it’s a PDA with stylus while the interface works as the canvas.
  2. It’s primarily a camera phone which detaches itself from other modules. Also, it comes without a keypad. Instead, for calls and texting, you need to use scroll functions or voice commands.

Conduit Mobile Phone is a creative approach to mobility.

Looking at the pictures makes me wonder what other stuff this Conduit Mobile Phone can do.

This is really a cool gadget to have. It’s amazing.

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Michelle is a Mom Blogger that also blogs at her Personal Blog " Myjournal ", She is a Civil Engineer by Profession. She loves blogging about Technology and Christian faith.

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    now you have got to be kidding me I didn’t thought that was a mobile until I read your article I thought that was a picture frame man do technology get this crazy, that’s very unique phone but i think there’s gonna be a lot of flaws in its texting and calling since it doesn’t have a keypad, using scrolls and voice command isn’t the convenient way, keypads are still the best.

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