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Digital Camera for Kids

Mar 7, 2009 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Gadget

digital cameras Are you having problems taking beautiful pictures while your kids are around. I do. During special occasions, I go to my children’s school to take pictures but I find it hard to take a real nice pictures of them because our youngest wants to take my digital camera and play with it.

At a very young age, kids are very curious nowadays. They are easy learners. Taking pictures amaze them.

Introducing, Digital Blue’s U-turn digital camera for kids. It has a 2.4” LCD view screen that swivels from back to front so kids can see themselves and take their own pictures. It also has a “morphing” effect which is hilarious that makes stretch head, swirls and squatty view.Only Digital Blue’s U-Turn Digital Camera lets kids “punk their pictures” with 12 morphs. This digital camera  has a built-in memory for about 80 digital photos. This digital camera for kids will be available soon. I hope that this digital camera will be durable and safe enough for kids to use.

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  • This is a cool gadget for kids! its a gr8 wow !!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is actually a verry clever idea..I hope it has a plastic or rubber special protective case, because my kids would throw it around. left and right! how much and where can I get it?

  • This is a cool gadget for kids! Siguro I can also try this one whenever it is available.. Muka namang pang teenagers na din ang dating! Wahehehe..

    jheLos last blog post..Farewell, Master Rapper

    • @jheLo, yeah ur right! para ngang gusto ko rin kya lang di na bagay sa kin wahahaha 🙂

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