Full Review | Nokia N900 ( Maemo OS )

I have been using Nokia N900 for the past week since it was lend to me by WOM World and this is my Nokia N900 full review :

Nokia N900 | Maemo - 10

What are the Good sides of Nokia N900 ?

This phone is a fast phone using Maemo Operating System although HTC HD2 is much faster than this phone. Maemo is based on Debian Linux Distribution. If you are a normal phone user and not so geek, I think this phone is not for you, but if you love to use this phone as a mobile computer I think this is one of the good choice.

I don’t have any problem in using wifi at home.

I have tried surfing different sites and what I see in my PC is just the same as what I see in this mobile phone.

Nokia N900 | Maemo - 13

The video is great , the phone has a built in sample video of ” 9 ” and wow , sounds is great and as if I am watching from surround system, I love the sound that it can give.

I could say that it could also be a blogging tool, I have tried to access my dashboard thru this phone and I was sucessfull to approved and disapprove spam comments in my comment section. This could also be used to blog.
Nokia N900 | Maemo - 15

I have also tried uploading pictures in facebook thru 3g connection and it works well. The upload speed will depend on the 3g connection that you have.

Possible Improvements of Nokia N900

I have also some few points that I would like to share with Nokia Research and Development Team as follows :

It would be better to put back arrow arrow at the right corner of the mobile phone to show how to go back to the previous application,  at first i have a hard time going back to the previous application and suddenly i just found out that i just have to tap the right corner to be back.

Here in Saudi Arabia if we want to check our Prepaid mobile phone balance we have to press ” *166# ” , so while trying to check my balance it shows an error so better do something about this if you want to increase sale in Middle East.

I travel a lot, and i could say that It don’t feel at ease while this phone is on my pocket, it;s too bulky compared to my Nokia E71, the thickness is almost double, So better to have a phone with this feature with a thin design and less weight.

While using this phone I have experienced an emergency situation and I would like to take video of the situation but sad to say I was not able to do it on time, since Maemo interface is not like what you can see with other nokia phone it takes time fr me to find out on how to shift from picture capture to video capture.

Nokia needs to increase the number of programs that a user could run for Nokia N900, the amount of application is far far behind in terms of numbers than the applications available for iPhone and Windows Mobile Phone .

So as suggestion to new user of this phone, A new user should know it’s function well before using it, and when you know the function this is for sure a very good phone to use a phone that might replace your laptop from some simple computer works.

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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