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Possible Release of Google Phone in November

Aug 20, 2008 by     13 Comments    Posted under: Gadget

Possible Release of Google Phone in November

Ok is seems that Google Phone Via HTC will be released this November. After FCC approval of the above casing that will host the Google Android.

HTC’s “DREA100” handset has been approved for sale in the U.S. after passing the FCC’s wireless tests. T-Mobile is going to be the carrier for the Dream handset, which will apparently have a BlackBerry-like “jog ball” as the primary controller.

I know that this phone will also give hype to the market like what happen when iPhone 3G was launch. The specification and details is no yet known in the public. But just for fun .

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  • I think this is all a hoax. Do check the web. There are reports that this is not true. Thanks

    • Hmm.. I have to check it out, There are some speculation that this is a Hoax but not until Google mad a comment about this, It is still in question .

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  • It wasn’t all bad, at least it gave me a good idea for a post that I called Bloody Google Just Doesn’t Care 😀

    Sires last blog post..The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

  • All the same Dexter, I am not all that thrilled with Google ever since they took my PR4 from me. I still run their ads though 😀

    Sires last blog post..The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

  • You think Google isn’t making enough already, and you think I will actually increase their revenue by buying a phone. I don’t think so. Besides it’s probably loaded with malaware anyway lol

    Sires last blog post..The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

  • Hmm another dominance by Google if this will happen. Hehehe am sure presyong ginto ito pagdating sa Pinas!

    julers last blog post..Dave Matthews Band’s LeRoi Moore Dies

  • This phone will be awesome… I particularly don’t like the iPhone, I prefer a Blackberry.

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