Swiss Army Knife’s added design and feature

image Victorinox, the maker of the famous Swiss Army Knives has designed the Swiss Army Remote which contains a chip that transmit high frequency radio waves intended more for the sub urban car driver. The Swiss Army Remote will allow the users to open their garage simply by pressing on the penknife a small button. It is compatible with many burglar alarms and lighting systems.

The new invention contains nail file, knife, pair of scissors, knife and a powerful LED light but the toothpick is not included. Its price will range from £30 and £60 this coming September this year when it will be on sale. The company assures that the remote will only be available to open your doors or alarm and not other  people’s door.

"This is the adaptation of the Swiss Army Knife to nowadays. I think my great-grandfather in-law would be very proud that we were still making knives that were used in everyday life."

Victorinox, which first started adding technology to its knives 7 years ago makes 13 million tools every year, still supplies knives to the Swiss army.

Victorinox’s recent model  containing a digital watch  started adding technology to its knives seven years ago, with recent models containing a digital16 GB Memory stick and finger-print security. Their other products include perfume, suitcases and clothes.


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