Twitter and China Earthquake

It is now a buzz in the media about twitter, Twitter has become an efficient tool in disseminating information regarding the China Earthquake.

Rory Cellan-Jones from BBC – I was beginning to think Twitter – the micro-blogging service that’s all the rage amongst the technorati – was just another fad for people who want to share too much of their rather dull lives. Until this morning.

Online Journalism – The first interesting point is Tweetburner: its most-clicked links shared on Twitter are almost entirely about the earthquake, and show some interesting uses:

Twitter Beats (Wow, By 3 Minutes) The USGS With China Earthquake News – Hey, I like Twitter, but this entire thing Robert Scoble started about how Twitter had news of the Chinese earthquake before the US Geological Survey seemed absurd. Did it really? As it turns out, probably so — by about three minutes. Reading some of the accounts, you’d get the impression Twitter seemed to alert the USGS to the news. – For me, Twitter had developed in a few hours time into an excellent information tool, combining different sources of information and I knew more about the earthquake than many people in China.

Indeed above information only shows that lots are having benefits from new Twitter Tools. So Twitter is not just like expressing your ideas it can also a channel of lot’s of information. I wonder if Media researchers used this tools also?. You may want to check my

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