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Watching Beijing Olympics LIVE On The Web

Aug 6, 2008 by     13 Comments    Posted under: Random Post

2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games - Medal - Complete All-time Medal Standings - NBC OlympicsIf you are like me , Who are not in Beijing or US , Information thru web for the latest Beijing Tally will be great. So this post will direct you to other sources of information for the ongoing Beijing Olympics 2008.

Olympics Highlight in the web can be seen thru the courtesy of NBC because they have the exclusive rights to the games in the United States, US-based and other part of the world viewers have to either watch on TV which are often on tape-delay.

As I have read in an online Instruction, The easiest steps according to them is to first Figure out when the event you want to watch is on (check NY Times event tracker ) and then try to figure out if it’s on nbcolympics.com (NBC’s broadcast schedule here). You’ll also need to download Microsoft Silverlight, which NBC.com requires to watch the game.

Another alternative is to use streaming and P2P sites that are willing to serve up TV feeds. They suggest to use the following site

NOS (Dutch)

You can also check out You Tube for their a dedicated channel ( but only for users outside the U.S. ) But still you can use this thru proxy if you are in US.

Check the link for the latest Medal Tally

source : alleyinsider.com

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