I am Now Driving A New Car

Just a quick information, I am now driving Toyota Camry Model 2004 , Junior XLI. It is a great car specially when running at about 120 km/hr it is stable. It is way far behind on my previous Hyundai Elantra 1994 Model which I bought 3 years ago.

The Toyota Camry was provided by the company for my personal use. I am now using it for about a week already.

Car Internals have some signs with Plastic Painting where it shows different buttons for better driving experience. Those sign is being made thru Laser Engraving so that it will last long.It would be better if the car will have it’s unique Barcode Marking so that it can be identified as company property.

It is actually a semi big car. And really a nice car with a great sound system also. Airconditioning system is great and it can stand a 48 deg Centigrade temperature that we are normally experiencing.

I will soon post some pictures of my new car. It is really great to drive a good car.

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  1. Dexter on May 17th, 2008 2:35 pm

    @EntrepreNars , Time will come and you will have your own, better than this one. :) Dexters last blog post..I am Now Driving A New Car


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