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New Google AdSense Policies Released | Be Careful

Apr 28, 2009 by     29 Comments    Posted under: Adsense

So Google AdSense released their New Policies. There were lots of changes with this new AdSense Policies that gives emphasis to those site selling links to Gambling sites or prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

I am also shock  to know that AdSense is disallowing those Ads that are blended perfectly to the contents that they cannot distinguished the contents and the ads.

Place ads in a floating box script

Format site content so that it is difficult to distinguish it from ads

And those changes that pertains to excessive keywords in the content.

Do not place excessive, repetitive or irrelevant keywords in the content or code of webpages.

Hmm.. are those SEO guys are in trouble. So therefore if you want to make an SEO of your post, that post should have a great content and not only focus to a certain keywords. I know that there will be a lots of changes on how my SEO techniques will be made.

But for now I suggest you to read the Changes carefully  and thanks to jensense.com for doing a comparison of the old and new policies.

I will study and put more of my observation and comments with this New Google Adsense Policies Changes

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  • thanks for the infos. so let’s be very careful to follow the new guidelines for google to avoid being penalized.

  • naku need ba alamin lahat?haha lagay lang ako ng lagay ng ads sa site ko eh di ko nga naiintindihan yang SEO eh hehe kso some of my ads are blank bkit kya ok nman yung code copy paste lang nman inulit ulit ko na nga eh.and mga adwords di kasi ako nagbabasa ng rules nila at di ko kc alam san ko ilalagay o hahanapin yung iba.sir can u check and review my site and tell me whats wrong? he he thanks

  • Those guidelines seem pretty broad and vague. Typical Google heh.

    • @cpa affiliate network,

      I think we should only try to iundestand Google.. and ofcourse follow the, or else they will banned us from the system

  • Never and don’t even think to cheap Google Adsense. The best is don’t use Google Adsense if we were to put ads related to Gambling sites. Once they detected, they will bann our account. we are losers then.

    JohnKhoos last blog post..How to Increase Targeted Twitter Followers and Make Money In Twitter

    • @JohnKhoo,

      yup and actually one of my site got banned with Adsense already ๐Ÿ™‚

  • as for my sports blog, i tried to blend the background but it is distinguishable with the font.

    cebloggers last blog post..Manchester United vs Barcelona in the 2009 UEFA Champions League Finals

    • @ceblogger,
      I think that as long as it will not be disguised as included in the content there will be no problem with it

  • thanks sa pagpost ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think wala ako problema jan. That’s good. Kaka.receive q lng ng google check.. $230.. San ba maganda exchange nito dito sa pinas?

    charles palmas last blog post..Heinz | World’s Widely Recognized Food Corp.

    • @charles palma,
      Great for you.. hope you can have more adsense income to come

  • Hello Dex! Yes, I was able to read the new rules and we’re making fun of Mr. G here coz their income is also going down.

    How’s vacation?

    Rob Angeless last blog post..Warning: No Money In Blogging

  • Thanks a lot for sharing these changes. I do think though that I am not in any violation agains these new changes in Google’s TOS.

    Millionaire Actss last blog post..Money Makeover Feature at Good Housekeeping

    • @Millionaire Acts,

      If that is the case good for you.. For me I have to check my site.

  • thanks for sharing dex. this post was really a great help. so dapat ibahin na ang kulay ng ads, hindi yung parang menu lang.. hehe

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..Cebu Pacific: The Cheapest and Most Unsecured Airline Company!

    • @Jehzeel Laurente,

      Oo nga ako rin nirereview ko mga site ko. mahirap na..

  • Hey, I’m just applying for AdSense and they have added rules? This is going to be more complicated for me.

    deuxs last blog post..13 Twitter tools to make your Twitter รขโ‚ฌล“beau-tweet-fulรขโ‚ฌย.

    • @deux,

      Good for you, You don’t have to change anything. But for me , I have to check mine ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        Oh. Good. Good luck to your adsense thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @deux,

        Thanks .. same to you..

  • Thanks. I am also shocked to know that they won’t allow perfectly blended ads. I would like to use those ads not for more clicks but for the aesthetic side of the website.

    Bible Study Lessonss last blog post..Spirituality and Sexuality in the Bible

    • @Bible Study Lessons,
      better change it to suit Adsense requirements

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  • Nice tip. Goodness gracious, I was thinking of making my adsense blend more with the rest of the post. Good thing I did not tinker with that. Thanks, well done.

    jan geronimos last blog post..CommentLuv Plugin For Blogspot Users

    • @jan geronimo,

      oo nga di ba mas malakas ang clicks kapag well blended.. sayang dinagdag nila ito sa new policy

  • thanks for the info sir. Gonna review my blogs before it’s too late. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @tnomeralc web design toys,

      You better review it before Adsense Ban youi ๐Ÿ™‚

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