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Are You Earning from Hubpages.com ?

Jan 21, 2010 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Problogging - Make Money Online

Recently I joined hubpages.com and I can say that with my low traffic hub, I am already start earning thru Google Adsense. This might not be 2 digits a day but I can say that it could be part of passive income if it will be set up properly. You can see my Latest Hubs contains 2 articles which are really pure keywords targeted. and I am planning to add more.

I am on the experimentation stage but I have some tips that I could share to you and here it is.

  1. You need to have Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate in order for you to earn. You may only use Adsense if you want.
  2. Try to make a keyword rich post and make it a lenghty one I would suggest an article that range from 250 – 300 words with about 5% keywords.
  3. Use social media sites in promoting your hubs, Hubpages is well seo’d that is why it will not have problem in doing seo by itself. I did not do anything for seo and yet my post is having visitors and clicks from the visitors.
  4. You can track your Google AdSense earnings by placing hubpages.com at url channel track at Google adSense if you want to track earning at hubpages.com
  5. Make an original article for hubpages.com so that it will not be marked as spam by Google.
  6. Try to comment at other hubs with same niche as yours.
  7. Post your hubpages at facebook, twitter etc.

But what are the Negative side of it ?

  1. You don’t have control over your site since you are using hubpages.com , I can say that new bloggers would be better to use hubpages.com while they are making their site more optimize.
  2. Hubpages.com is having part of your earnings.
  3. You need to have a minimum word count in order for your article to be published.
  4. you cannot put your adsense code in the place you want , they have full control over it.

There might be some dis advantages as discussed above but still it is worth to try. Check it and Start Earning from it. I might do another post about this after a moth. And let’s that this would be one of Passive income source.  Would appreciate if you could comment in my hubpages

Any suggestion from my reader who is using hubpage for a long time ?

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  • If ever you apply for an adsense account, will it be approved when you use hubpages?

    And I think using hubpages is also very important for all those who seriously use SEO techniques, as it is a rich source of good link.

    • @Pinoy Sounding Board,

      I have not yet tested this one but there are some info that it is also possible..

  • I am yet to start earning seriously from Hubpages, but am pretty sure that hubpages are one of the best way to make passive income..

  • I will follow this tips and hope my adsense earnings will improve in the future. I will report back and tell you what happend to them.

  • Can I ask, I recently joined Hubpages, since I can’t wait to have my google adsense since my domain is still new and has no page rank yet. If I get approved by google adsense in hubpages, what will I do to get the code to paste it in my domain? Since I knew that you can’t have 2 accounts in google adsense right? please. let me know. Thank you.

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