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  • I would love to peek into the future and see the timeline for the next 25 years. I hate to admit it, but I remember what those first apple computers looked like. Still, they were quite fantastic in their day.
    Go for it Apple!


  • Fascinating. Apple really did a good job. I’m really impressed by the design of their products as well as their UI.

    Until now, i still continue to admire there design, the simplicity is fantastic. I think those late design of their products was designed by their Senior Designer named Jovy Ive.

    Stunning and awesome design.

    • @zplits,

      Yup.. it is really great to see how apple evolve

  • All I can say is Steve Jobs really did a great job.

    • @DesignerBlooms,

      I agree. And I hope those next in line with him sill still do good job or else apple will be gone

  • That’s a great picture. Even the original iMac looks really old fashioned now.

    • @Mark – Console news,

      🙂 . But even if it looks like all fashioned I am still dreaming of having one.

      Dexter Panganibans last blog post..What Do Buyer’s Think ?

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