What? When I search My Site This is What I got

This Site might harm your computer

I have seen some error in the Google Search Results. Is this only in Saudi Arabia or this is Global. Did somebody hack Google and have this error or it is some problem with Google itself. We will see soon on what is Google Explanation with this.

So I don’t know when will Google remove the “ This site may harm you computer “ sign in every results. Did you experience the same ?

Google should fix this soon. Or else they are in trouble.

Updates 1: I have seen in twitter that this is global.

Updates 2: After 15-20 Minutes Google is fixed.. Whoah that only show how fast you are in resolving issues. but what happen ?

UPDATE 3: Be careful …. Maybe Google just removed the filtering of bad sites. Sites that were on StopBadware.org block list are now not being flagged as potentially dangerous. This is a possibility.. So be very careful

Update 4 : http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/this-site-may-harm-your-computer-on.html

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      Dexter Panganiban


      Thanks for the link. They can say a lot of things about it.. But still us in the Tech world would ask if it is really the problem or it is just a cover up for a bigger problem. Anyway let us just be careful nowadays since their might be some crooks that will take advantage of the situation.

  1. 4

    Ang bilis, blog post na agad!

    I find it interesting to see the reactions of Plurkers and Twitters about this incidence. 15 mins lang nawala si Google at parang end of the internet na. LOL

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