Do you experience Gateway Timeout

Today I am frequently having some problem with my DNS , I am pretty sure that the problem is not connected with my Hosting thru since if I will access the direct link that they gave me, I can still access the control Panel. Here is the error I am experiencing.

Gateway Timeout

The following error occurred:[code=DNS_TIMEOUT] A DNS lookup error occurred because the request timed out during the lookup.

Please contact the administrator.

I have encountered the same problem before when I am just starting since I get my Hosting and domain name thru different Provider. It was already a week ago.

I would suggest that if there are anybody reading this blog and thinking to have his own domain and hosting try to get it from one provider only, so that they can easily digest the problem if the problem occur and you don’t have to get support from different people.

Some say that the error occurs most of the time in Saudi Arabia , some explanation could also be found here

Here are some tips that you should check to know where the problem is:

  1. Check thru where into what nameservers your domain is pointed to.
  2. Ask the hosting provider their nameserver.
  3. Access your your Domain Control Panel Access and input the nameservers provided by your hosting company.
  4. Ask assistance from your hosting provider to modify your DNS settings. ( but be careful if you don’t trust your hosting providers you might be the one to change the setting and just ask assistance )
  5. Wait until about 12 to 72 hours and your new domain will be propagated in the net.

By this time that you could see this post the problem has been fixed. I juts don’t when it will happen again. Do you have any other suggestion based on your experience?

Dexter Panganiban

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