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wordpress seo by yoast


WordPress has been dominating the blogging and website market for the past 5 years now. Recent reports says that 90% of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress. It’s not surprising though – the WordPress platforms is carefully researched and made to suit the needs of every website owner, tech-savvy or not. I myself am not a techie but I still enjoy the perks of being able to create simple websites using WordPress’ drag and drop builder.

Best CMS for SEO

I believe that the WordPress CMS has one of the best, if not the best SEO tools on the market today. For one, the WordPress platform itself is built upon best SEO practices.

Its basic simplified user interface also makes it easier to add and replace meta titles, favcons, and logos. However, if you still feel that WordPress is a bit lacking, you can actually install added features that we call “plugins”. These are programs that we “plug in” to the basic WordPress platform to add some added functionality. Since the WP is so widely used, you can find almost everything that you are looking for.

Booking calendar? Checked. Review functionality? Checked. SEO plugin? Double Check.

WordPress SEO: The Best SEO Plugin

The world of blogging right now is pretty saturated and making our blogs visible to readers is getting harder by the day. That’s why we need to optimize every article we publish for various targeted keywords. The more optimized your article is, the better. Of course, there’s this thing called “over-optimization” but that’s a different story altogether.

What better way to optimize your articles for search engines than to use the best WordPress plugin for SEO: WordPress SEO by Yoast!

When you install this awesome plugin, you get  a “WordPress SEO by Yoast” widget at the bottom of your every editor (either for pages or post). You’ll have various tabs where you can optimize your focus keyword, meta-title, meta description, and even meta keyword. What’s more there’s a tab where you can optimize each page or post for Social Sharing.

These features are great and all but what makes WordPress SEO by Yoast so great is that it guides you to the optimal setting for each metric. For example below the meta description box you’ll find a tip that says meta descriptions are limited to 156 words. There’s also a counter if you’re still within that character limit or beyond it already.

Another awesome feature is the Page Analysis tab of WP SEO by Yoast. It basically consolidates the various relevant SEO metrics and presents it to you in a simple and easy to understand form. This way you can tweak each metric until they’re at the optimal setting.

On the left hand side, on the “Publish” widget, you’ll see an SEO button. If you haven’t made any effort to optimize your post the button will be colored gray. If you optimized your page but did a crappy job out of it, you’ll see a red button – this means you have to tweak a lot of metrics. If you optimized your post or page, did better, but still didn’t do well enough, you’ll see an orange or yellow button. This means that you still have to tweak the metrics a little bit better. Green button is shown to you when you do a great job with on-page SEO.

WordPress is the Bomb!

If you’re already running on WordPress, I suggest that you get the awesome WordPress SEO by Yoast, but if you’re not on WP I suggest that you switch now, quick!


Yeshua Quijano https://www.techathand.net/

Yeshua is an Article Contributor at Tech At Hand Dot Net. He is a blogger, SEO, and an internet marketing enthusiast. Follow him at twitter via @shuaYesh and at @facebook

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