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John Chow dot Com Ban is lifted by Google

Jul 19, 2009 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Gooogle

Today I just learned that John Chow Dot com Ban is lifted by Google since whenever you will search his name you will be able to see his site and not other site which are just trying to get his traffic, To those of you who are new in the Internet world, John chow had been banned in the Internet Google SERP by Google because of massive link exchange that he is doing in order to top  ” Make Money Online ” Keywords, Mr. Chow have manage to survive the net and able to get a higher income in the Internet even with out the help of Google . He still able to become very popular due to a reason that he had made his brand in the net even before Google Banned his site. Although there were time that it was reported last year that his site visitor is deteriorating.

It is Good to know that Google and John Chow is now united again. So what is the lesson that we could learn from this ? I think if we could have a good brand in the net , Google will be forced to put your keywords specially your site name in the net since it will not be good for them if somebody is searching for a very popular name but it is not showing in the SERP.

John Chow is also known in making paid reviews. So if  John Chow is telling that  his site will now become 100% compliance with Google Webmaster will it mean that he will put Nofollow tags in all his review or Will he block the paid post via robots.txt ? Hmm.. we need to know what will happen since Paid review is one of the source of income by John.

John Chow’s lifted ban will raise lots of question to Big G. So again congratulation to John Chow this will mean more money for him.

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  • hei hei hei… bakit nung chineck ko ang “make money online” na keyword eh blogspot blog ang lumabas?… dati kac it’s carl ocab’s site or john chow.. hmmmmmmmm….

    • @WhatsACoder,

      Medyo nagpapalakas pa muli yang site ni john chow kaya di pare parehas sa lahat ng data center

  • It’s a classic case of the rich getting richer. Because of this, John Chow’s earnings will get higher because of the thousands of traffic he will get from Google.

    • @ark,

      For sure, there will be lots of newbies that will go in John Chow site

  • kaya pala! nagsearch po ako ng keyword na Make money online before eh nakita ko si john chow sa 2nd page. yun pala e lifted na talaga.

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