Migrating from Free Platform to Paid Hosting – Technicalities ?

Webhorting Questions One might ask, Which is better Self Hosted Blog or free Blog ?,

Well for me I prefer Self Hosted since I believe that the control is with the self hosted blogs. Controls with datas such as mysql data for post and comments. But I know some might say that it is better for free site because they don’t have downtimes. In a way they are right, The only problem that I have with self hosted blogs is the downtimes, But if a blogger would be able to spend some money and study on where they can host, downtimes might be minimized.

Finding a perfect Web Hosting company is a task which us bloggers needs to be very careful. A perfect hosting will mean a great income specially when time comes that you have a very high volume of Visitors coming at your site.

A blogger should assess the hosting company where he/she intends to buy a hosting, Perhaps checking sites for web hosting rating will be a great help in order to know others experience about those site, Other comments and experience ussualy help us blogger in decision making.

Another suggestion might be checking web hosting awards for us to know if there are any award giving bodies gave them an honor or an A+ comments.

The most important things that a blogger should learn is studying the system of the hosting company where he want to enroll. There is a big difference between free and Paid Hosting when it comes to technicalities.

A new blogger should check for web hosting tutorials so that most of your question can be responded. Some of the topics that you might want to start with is Studying the Fantastico if the hosting company supports Cpanel and by the time everything is setup you might as well learn how to earn from your newly acquired web hosting. Suggestion and Comments are welcome. Let me know your thought about this.

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    I think the choice between free and self-hosted blog really depends on how the user intends to use their blog.

    An HTML and CSS-savvy user would feel a little too restricted using a free blog, while a person with no design knowledge might appreciate the simplicity.

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