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My New blog Crawled by Google

Sep 17, 2007 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips


Above shown is the Google Search Result for one of my post written the other day. It only means that Google already crawled at my site. Although it is not yet properly indexed since you cannot find anything when you type site:www.techathand.net

So what is my techniques to do it ?

  1. Let your other Blogs point to your new blog
  2. Go to site where there is a no-follow tag
  3. Try to enroll at Technorati and ping your blog, It will also help your blog to be propagated in the net.
  4. Ask your colleagues to link to your blog.
  5. And most specially be nice to your visitors

I just hope that this site will be of help to other blogger and Searcher out there. Not to mention earning from helping.

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  • Thanks rhodille Ive been working your tips yesterday.. But I still have to learn how to make this site map..Just know I follow your advice in Ping

  • Hi Dex, Nice site here I really like the layout and feel of this blog. Anyway, you might find this post from my site helpful so google will index your site faster: How google indexed my blog in less than a week

  • Nice one Jaren…I think one more.. Treating a lunch .. just to visit your blog and have a link up..:D

    But if I have enough resources I will hold a contest.. but not now he he he. Not in the budget..

  • OH cool so that’s your technic… haha (ting!) got an idea.. btw, Thank you very much for visiting my page and also for the Link.. Well I wouldn’t have found out about blog rush… If I haven’t cruised by your new site.. Thanks again.

    “Another radical step would be asking your family,friends,colleagues with websites of their own, for a link to your blog/website. Politely asking them for a link will suffice but if it doesn’t work then groveling/bribing/stalking helps.” 😀 have fun!

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