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My New WordPress Hosted Blog

Sep 15, 2007 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Wordpress

Now that I have my new blog hosted at WordPress, I have made list of advantage and disadvantage of having new wordpress blog compared to Blogspot. And it is up to you to agree or not? This is just my opinion. You may share your experience.


  1. My blog looks more professional
  2. I have more control over the layout and plug-ins.
  3. WordPress is much easy to control compared to Blogspot ( Because of the Plug-ins )
  4. My Commenter will be rewarded with links through my Plugins for Top Commenter
  5. My commenter can be notified on what is happening on the post where they comment
  6. I have more control at my ads positioning


  1. I have to work again to have a better position in Technorati and Ratified.org or in other language I will lost my blog juice.
  2. I will have to built again a community with in my blog.
  3. It will take time to have an income from adsense, since this blog will be new and not yet properly indexed.
  4. I may have down time which I am not experiencing with Blogspot.
  5. I have to learn PHP so that I can make some customization over my blog.
  6. I have to again learn a new platform . WordPress.

It is now for you to decide to move or not to move. But as you know I have chosen to go with the advantage and suffer for the disadvantage for the mean time.

My goal would be, To be again at First Page of SERP for the keyword that I will be writing at this blog.

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  • YEH, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards.

  • Derek I have added you at my link page

  • Dexter,

    I’ll have your new site on my friend’s list.

  • @ sylv3rblade

    Thanks for the links

  • Ha ha.. Thanks Supernoobice… Let do business for a long time..

  • I may have down time which I am not experiencing with Blogspot.

    lol. I will try my best mate. hehehe

  • No prob:
    here’s a few house warming gifts:
    WP Plugin database
    300 tools for your wordpress blog
    83 beautiful themes

  • Thanks Sylv3rblade, I am new to wordpress that is why I still in the process of learning. Hope to see you around

  • Nice blog. Welcome to the wordpress wagon XD

  • […] some link love on their post.I will be able to know my constant commentator that will help me build another community with in this […]

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